Uncensored campaign boldly squeezes raw power into the organic space

Consumers are thirsty to make their own decisions about organic juices. Already knowing organic is a better choice, they’re weary of being preached to or judged for the selections they make. So, when developing the creative for Santa Cruz Organic’s Nature Uncensored campaign, we intentionally avoided functional, benefit-heavy communication typical of this category.

First, we established a toolkit of brand assets including a distinct, playfully suggestive tone of voice and paired it with a bold, contemporary tri-color palette. Then, we applied them with ruthless consistency across all channels – from paid social, to radio, and out of home, reaching consumers across multiple touchpoints to ensure impact, consideration, and ultimately drive sales in-store.  In doing so, the brand builds awareness and differentiates itself – not by boasting expected benefits, longevity, or expertise, but by simply conveying the raw power – and joy – of its premium, all natural juice concentrates.