What we've been up to lately.

What we've been up to lately.

Spotlight on Nexxus

Unilever’s Nexxus Hydra Light floorstand, designed by Davis, captures an Outstanding Marketing at Retail Achievement Award (OMA) at POPAI’s 56th annual competition.

You may have seen the Nexxus Hydra Light floorstand in the cosmetics and beauty section of grocery stores and pharmacies. The structure and design communicate the product benefits: lightweight hair products infused with deep sea minerals. Minimal copy and images create a clean, light effect.

Linda McGregor, VP Account Director at Davis for Unilever says, "Davis designers used clean blue tones to gently remind consumers of the buoyancy associated with water and the lightness and freedom of clear, open skies. Nexxus branding appears on the main panel creating the effect of a 'barely-there' embossing, showing the consumer that Nexxus is always present but not intrusive." The floorstand graphic design highlights each product specifically while still communicating the overarching benefits of moisture & lightness.

The display structure leverages the products’ translucent packaging with a mirrored cardstock beneath the bottles to reflect light upwards and through the bottles. The header itself can be pushed down or pulled out to meet specific POP height requirements. RockTenn Merchandising Displays produced the Nexxus floorstand.

The competition had 460+ entrants from over 75 companies competing in 27 industry categories. Entries were judged on design, innovation, interactivity, and proven ability to lift sales. The Nexxus floorstand also picked up a Gold PAC Award in 2013.


Celebrating the Wonder of Wonder Bread


Weston Bakeries brings back the timeless joy in a cherished icon we all know and love

Since 1921, Wonder bread has been appealing to the kid in all of us and continues to spark powerful memories that celebrate the simple pleasures in life.

The original brand was inspired by The International Balloon Race in Indianapolis where the crowds were filled with wonder as hundreds of balloons in red, yellow and blue created a brilliant kaleidoscope of colour in the sky.


In a category that has been increasingly dominated by nutrition messaging, Wonder needed to recapture the emotional connection with consumers. Julia Kovacs, Marketing Director, Core Brands, adds “Wonder carries a full line of nutritious white and whole wheat breads, yet it’s the carefree emotion and soft, pillowy texture that consumers associate with Wonder bread.”

Davis was challenged to refresh an iconic brand and packaging, reclaiming core equities to gain relevance with today’s families and millennial consumers.

Chris Plewes, Creative Director at Davis explains, “The redesign distills the brand’s core equities to its essence – colour, softness and simplicity to break through the clutter of the bread wall.”

But how?

The design reclaims the white consumers associate with Wonder. Softness weaves throughout the new look including the softened wordmark and the gentle shape that houses the brand. The bubble graphics so ingrained in consumers’ memories still convey variety but have moved from functional carriers of information to fun symbols of the soft sandwich bread.

The addition of an interactive “squeeze me” message on-pack is both playful and speaks to the brand’s freshness and soft texture. The overall clean and contemporary look brings Wonder into today’s market, without relying on retro or nostalgia cues.

Redesigned Wonder bread hit Canadian store shelves at the end of March, 2014. A new advertising campaign supports the launch with television and digital ads developed by The Hive; a multi-platform media strategy developed and executed by Zenith Optimedia, and in-store displays developed by The Hive and Match Marketing.


Seeing the World Through Wine-Colored Glasses

Make a toast and a difference with a beautifully balanced wine. The Little Grape that Could is a brand committed to helping others. Smart codes located on the label of each bottle allows the purchaser to donate 100% of all profits to the charity of their choice. Not only does this wine make you feel good, it looks and tastes amazing too. 

With praise from leading wine critics and new brand packaging design awards, The Little Grape that could is making a splash in the industry. Featured in Canadian Packaging.