What we've been up to lately.

What we've been up to lately.

Davis Partners with Mondelez to Rebrand Barnum's Animals

All good things are wild and free, and Barnum’s Animals has proven this to be true with its first redesign in over 115 years.

Mondelez approached Davis to lead design after discussions with PETA about updating the brand’s signature packaging. The advocacy organization encouraged a redesign that freed the brand’s notable animal characters from the cages previously shown on pack.

With the intent to show a natural environment, the new design presents Barnum’s Animals in their home of the Savannah. The animals freely emerge from their world, inviting families to join in on the adventure. Illustrator Andrew Plewes worked with our design team to bring the animals and their home to life.

To read more about the rebrand of Barnum’s Animals, check out the press coverage in AdWeek, CNN, BXP Mag and PETA’s blog.

Not Your Average Frozen Dinner


For today’s millennial consumers, the days of stereotypical frozen TV dinners are gone. But as sales in the category declined, Conagra Brands has turned things around with the revitalization of its three marquee frozen offerings: Banquet, Marie Callender’s and Healthy Choice.

Partnering with Davis, a North American branding & design agency, Conagra's rebranded Marie Callender's recently hit shelves, bringing forward the comfort of delicious meals. Reminiscent of hearty pub-style food, Banquet Mega Meals introduced new innovations along with the rebrand, like Mega Pies and Deep Dish. Healthy Choice also innovated with the launch of Power Bowls.

These innovations reflect the bigger challenge facing these legacy brands: stay relevant to newer, younger markets. With renewed focus on food and ingredients consumers are searching for, the rebrand introduces a contemporary feel that appeals to a millennial lifestyle.

The success of these three rebrands contributed to a revival in the frozen aisle: comparable sales for refrigerated and frozen food segments reached 2.6% growth in the quarter ended February 25, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Continue reading their article about Conagra’s frozen food revitalization in the Wall Street Journal.

Meet the Christie Collection


With a 165-year-old history, Mr. Christie is known for his delicious cookies. The name itself carries weight with consumers, along with the tagline "Mr. Christie, you make good cookies." Over the years, the Christie legacy has stayed true to providing cookies and snacks that families love. The new master brand draws out this shared heritage, the respect of Christie's name and the distinct personalities within this ever-growing collection of beloved snacks. 


The Legacy of a Simple Man...and the Love of a Good Kernel


Enjoyed for over 40 years, Orville Redenbacher is more than just the name of the man who began growing his own corn at age 12 – it is the name for popcorn.

For Orville Redenbacher, it’s always been about the kernel. The light and fluffy texture. The delicious flavor. And that’s exactly what you’ll see on Orville Redenbacher’s newly redesigned line of perfectly popped, ready-to-eat popcorn.

The dramatically simple rebrand creates a sincere representation of the product Orville spent his life perfecting. Quality counts; so just as Orville Redenbacher removed the artificial flavors and colors, this refresh also stripped away unnecessary elements, letting pure popcorn be the focus.

Gourmet cues – like the matte finish and the illustrative, nostalgic depiction of Orville Redenbacher the man – support flavors such as Caramel and White Cheddar, Sweet & Salty, and the ever-timeless Movie Theatre Butter. True to its history, Orville Redenbacher continues to be a sought-after snack that more than satisfies cravings.

A Visit From Denmark


What really goes on behind the scenes at a branding and design agency?

Amanda and Lærke had never been to Canada before – but in March, Roskilde International Business College sent these two students across the Atlantic to visit our agencies and get a closer look at the creative process in action.

During their week in our studio, the students got a full overview of our processes and departments, and even got to sit in on some design briefs and client presentations.

At the end of the week, we asked what they thought of the experience. “The most interesting parts to us were the ones we don’t learn at school: interacting with clients and presenting,” said Lærke.

Both students agreed that collaboration and respect were important for a creative, happy work environment. “It’s amazing how much team work goes on,” Amanda reflected. “You can see how that is a key to building a successful company.”

Although the students spent a short amount of time at our agencies, they agreed that seeing the day-to-day working of creative teams really brought all their education to life. And they even snuck in a Raptor’s Game and a visit to the CN Tower before heading back to Denmark!