What we've been up to lately.

What we've been up to lately.

How Do You Whip?

One question drove the research behind the rebrand of the leading whipped cream brand in the US: “How do you whip?” For many consumers, Reddi Wip is so much more than delicious whipped cream. It’s a symbol of fun. It’s a staple for family moments. It takes everything to the next level.

And it all starts with a “PSSHHHTT.”

There’s an emotional connection between consumers and Reddi Wip — a reason everyone’s ears perk up at the sound of this topping. Working with a cultural anthropologist, our team dug deep to understand why consumers love Reddi Wip so much. The answer? It’s the experience.

More than just the fun of drawing shapes and faces with the can, Reddi Wip transforms everyday moments into “Remember that day?” moments. From topping your pumpkin pie with a huge dollop at Thanksgiving, to transforming a cup of hot cocoa into a special treat all winter long, Reddi Wip is synonymous with celebrations that bring families together.

The rebrand also came as Reddi Wip discovered new consumer needs. With non-dairy innovations like Coconut & Almond joining the portfolio, the rebrand was an opportunity to build on the idea of the consumer’s experience, while bringing in Dramatic Simplicity™ for maximum impact.

Watch the video above to see how this project came to life!