What we've been up to lately.

What we've been up to lately.

Not Your Average Frozen Dinner


For today’s millennial consumers, the days of stereotypical frozen TV dinners are gone. But as sales in the category declined, Conagra Brands has turned things around with the revitalization of its three marquee frozen offerings: Banquet, Marie Callender’s and Healthy Choice.

Partnering with Davis, a North American branding & design agency, Conagra's rebranded Marie Callender's recently hit shelves, bringing forward the comfort of delicious meals. Reminiscent of hearty pub-style food, Banquet Mega Meals introduced new innovations along with the rebrand, like Mega Pies and Deep Dish. Healthy Choice also innovated with the launch of Power Bowls.

These innovations reflect the bigger challenge facing these legacy brands: stay relevant to newer, younger markets. With renewed focus on food and ingredients consumers are searching for, the rebrand introduces a contemporary feel that appeals to a millennial lifestyle.

The success of these three rebrands contributed to a revival in the frozen aisle: comparable sales for refrigerated and frozen food segments reached 2.6% growth in the quarter ended February 25, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Continue reading their article about Conagra’s frozen food revitalization in the Wall Street Journal.