What we've been up to lately.

What we've been up to lately.

Davis Partners with Mondelez to Rebrand Barnum's Animals

All good things are wild and free, and Barnum’s Animals has proven this to be true with its first redesign in over 115 years.

Mondelez approached Davis to lead design after discussions with PETA about updating the brand’s signature packaging. The advocacy organization encouraged a redesign that freed the brand’s notable animal characters from the cages previously shown on pack.

With the intent to show a natural environment, the new design presents Barnum’s Animals in their home of the Savannah. The animals freely emerge from their world, inviting families to join in on the adventure. Illustrator Andrew Plewes worked with our design team to bring the animals and their home to life.

To read more about the rebrand of Barnum’s Animals, check out the press coverage in AdWeek, CNN, BXP Mag and PETA’s blog.