What we've been up to lately.

What we've been up to lately.

A Sweet Day to be a Grade 9


Every year, our studio is visited by a group of grade nine students for Take Our Kids to Work Day. From the types of projects to the different roles required for the creative process, the teens take a peek into the inner workings of an agency… and their potential career paths!

Full of creativity, enthusiasm and pizza, our visitors were challenged to create their own sub-brand for a fictional line of ice cream targeted to teens. And who better to understand the target than teens themselves?


The students collaborated with our designers and with each other to push their creative thinking. Name generation, color palette selection and illustration were just some of the tools the students put into action as a part of their design process.

Four amazing concepts later… and a brain freeze from the ice cream, student teams presented their designs to a mock client. Our entire studio then voted to pick the winning concepts.

Watch out designers — we have some serious talent on the rise!