What we've been up to lately.

What we've been up to lately.

Listen to Your Community Manager


Imagine your brand’s social media profile is a town. Just like any community, people find a way to congregate & connect: they wave, say hello to their neighbors, and start conversations. If they see something they don’t like, the people voice their opinions to the mayor. At the same time, the mayor takes steps to check in with the community and find out what they need.

Your brand’s social media community manager is like the town’s mayor. They man the page, post the content, field questions & complaints, and interact with fans on a daily basis. 

This unique position makes the community manager an asset for measuring meaningful fan engagement. And as your engagement grows (which it should), an interesting change takes place. The community manager becomes a real member of the fan base they’re monitoring.

Their relationship with page fans may start out as a virtual connection, but over time, if they run the page properly, they start to get to know the individuals who follow the page. They’ll know that Rodney visited your Toronto location this week and was blown away by the amazing customer service. Or that the “How-To” video you posted helped John pull off a great family dinner. Or that Whitney’s French bulldog loves the stuffed mascot she won in last month’s giveaway.

This intimate knowledge of a social media fan base becomes a key asset to your brand arsenal. Not only is the community manager a voice for your brand to the public, but they have also become a strong voice for the collective – leading to insights for developing branded content that motivates consumers to engage authentically.