What we've been up to lately.

What we've been up to lately.

Dentyne Ice Sub Zero


Gum’s popularity has slowed in recent years, forcing many brands to look for ways to innovate and create excitement. But how do you create a new offering consumers will actually care about?

One way to break through is to go deeper with benefits that matter most. The continued popularity of mint-flavored gum on a global scale proves that the primary purpose of chewing is still to freshen your breath*. Dentyne — the gum that leaves you with fresh breath 40 minutes after chewing — falls right in line with this major trend, and pushes innovation even further with Sub Zero, the more intense offering available in both gum and breath mints.

Dentyne partnered with Davis to bring the sub-brand to life. The design connects the North American portfolio with ice that shatters the pack’s glacial exterior. Putting a focus on its cold blast of flavor, the brand instills confidence in the added intensity of Sub Zero.

*Canadean, January 2016