What we've been up to lately.

What we've been up to lately.

Centrum Vitamints


Have you taken your daily vitamins? Probably not, but then again, who has time to remember in the midst of a busy morning?

Centrum recognized the challenge facing late Gen-X and early boomers who want to lead healthy lives, but are constrained by demanding schedules. What’s more, consumers are less and less attracted to the idea of taking their daily pills – a trend Canadean calls “Pill Fatigue.”

Centrum Vitamints makes it easy to get your essential daily nutrients. Davis created the look and feel for Vitamints, taking inspiration from the confectionery aisle for a contemporary, fresh and energetic style. With Vitamints' cool minty taste and easy portability (chew without water, like regular mints!), the brand combines health and pleasure into one easy solution. 

Centrum Vitamints is a Gold winner in the 2017 PAC Global Leadership Awards.