What we've been up to lately.

What we've been up to lately.

Rebuilding the Name for Rum


Before you can move a brand forward, you need to know where it came from. With Lamb’s Rum, it’s a history dating back to 1849. “There were so many great stories coming out of this brand,” explains VP Creative Director Mark Roberts. “We had to understand what the core was and leverage it accordingly.”

Oftentimes, the answer is right before your eyes. In the case of Lamb’s, the founder, Alfred Lamb himself, embodies the heart of this brand and has become the name for rum.

“Bringing Alfred Lamb to the forefront uncovers the brand’s unpretentious and genuine tone”, says Davis Account Director Brian Tangney. Lamb isn’t a made up character, he’s a real person - he’s unscripted. The brand is able to carry that realism through its clean-cut demeanor yet with an element of unpredictability. It’s the freedom to discover, the opportunity to turn everyday moments into larger times. A savvy and successful entrepreneur, Lamb is also known to this day for producing the rum of choice for the British Navy.

Keeping Lamb at the center guided the branding process. For example, the shape of the bottle comes from his ingenuity - the six flat sides kept the bottle from rolling off the tables on sailing ships. Davis took that heritage onto the label itself, leveraging the hexagonal shape to create intrigue. Every aspect of the design strengthens the brand, from the stories on the back label, to the expressions of craftsmanship throughout.

The end result is a brand that doesn’t compromise to win approval. “That’s why it works,” explains Brian. “It’s bold and unapologetic, just like Alfred Lamb.”