What we've been up to lately.

What we've been up to lately.

Go Buck Wild

The biggest challenge to creating a new brand is much the same for planning a road trip - getting people to come along for the ride. Of course your friends will get excited about it but trying to get them to give up the money and time is another story. You could explain how cool each city will be, but they’ll easily give you a list of ten other cities just as interesting. But if you describe the experience — the adventure of slumming it in hostels, the discovery of unknown restaurants and bars, the people you’ll meet and the inside jokes you’ll create — how could they say no?

Buck Wild, a new snack brand from WildRoots Foods LLC, is a line of real ingredient packaged snacks including popcorn, tortilla chips and snack mix. Combining the desire for better snacks with a thirst for adventure, Buck Wild experiments with unique flavor combos while maintaining integrity in both the value of its ingredients and the quality of its taste. When Buck Wild goes on a road trip, it’s the ring leader — the guy with the plan, even if it’s not formally written in an itinerary. You just know his vision will deliver on the experience.

So, how do you pique interest in a brand that boasts simple high quality ingredients? You get people to try it — with bold flavors and good ingredients, the product will be a winner. It’s about being real, so we created a real brand — one that consumers can relate to and be inspired by, from showing people on the pack, to the flavor connections that awake your imagination, even before you taste it.

We put our strategy to the test, hosting a snack party with our staff that resulted in daring snack-catching competitions fuelled by the variety of flavors. See for yourself — pick up a bag in Starbucks across the U.S., or catch the brand on its SnackShot Tour this summer.