What we've been up to lately.

What we've been up to lately.

Canoe Fresh Food Market


It’s a well known fact to experienced paddlers that the canoe is a hard boat to tip. Known for its stability, this humble boat is a symbol of Canadian culture and part of life in Washago — a small town in Ontario’s Muskoka region. It was also the inspiration for Mary & Rod Harth when they decided to open a fresh food market.

Passionate about their island community and delicious baked goods, Mary and Rod knew their market would not only eliminate the 20-minute drive to the next closest town, but also celebrate the local heritage. If you visit this store, you’ll remember it, from the art on the bakery wall (available for purchase), to their one of a kind “almost famous” butter tarts and labels you won’t find at mainstream grocers.


Being a craftsman himself, Mark Roberts, our VP Creative took on the task of branding the store. By meeting with the owners, he quickly experienced their lively personalities and the great care and creativity they put into their business. This translated into an identity that is welcoming, homegrown, and captures the simple charm of country living.

Like its namesake, Canoe Fresh Food Market is proving its buoyancy — the business has surpassed all initial sales goals threefold, expanding quickly.