What we've been up to lately.

What we've been up to lately.



Fueled by a little sugar, a lot of creative inspiration, and a healthy dose of friendly competition, our visiting Grade Nine students had a blast learning about Design.

On November 4th Davis and Bridgemark hosted 17 Grade Nine Students for Take Your Kid to Work Day. Students had a chance to explore career possibilities in design and branding through a variety of hands-on activities with staff volunteers from Client Services, Design, HR and IT functions.

Glenn Davis Group’s VP HR says, “Our program gives students an opportunity to participate in the core work we do in a fun and engaging way. It gives them a glimpse into agency life and lets them get their hands dirty on a real project.” 

Students receive a brief from our “client” and Account Director and then are off to the races with a group brainstorming. Students break off into small groups working one on one with a Designer to sketch and develop creative concepts. 

Student Design teams regroup and kids all get to present their ideas and concepts back to the client. Our Technology Director sparks spontaneous response research with the whole agency, and kids get to see the results stream live until the winner is announced.

Kids walk away with a day of learning, laughing and often a new friend or two.