What we've been up to lately.

What we've been up to lately.

Branding a Legacy


Davis brings the memory of Kraft’s founder to life in a new line of premium natural cheeses

J.L. Kraft. It’s not just a name, but a legacy dating back to 1903, when James Lewis Kraft, the son of dairy farmers from Stevensville, Ontario, with only $65 to his name, began distributing good, wholesome foods from the back of a rented horse and buggy. Well over 100 years later, the J.L. Kraft brand continues this tradition by offering families delicious cheeses made with real, high quality ingredients – just like J.L. Kraft intended.

Davis and Kraft worked in collaboration to create a brand strategy that focuses on J.L. Kraft’s commitment to satisfy the appetites of “foodies” and families alike – consumers who want wholesome foods to create their family’s favorite meals.

The brand pays tribute to the man himself with his signature on every package, like a sign-off verifying each batch of cheese. The tagline “Simpler ingredients. Better food.” supports the elegance of the cheese, aligning it with the growing trend of gourmet presentation.* And as this trend moves into mainstream, design can “breathe life into cheese” and “encourage consumers to savor it ... and the moment.*

“The J.L. Kraft brand is artfully crafted,” adds Craig McCrindle, Account Director at Davis. “The dark, rich Kraft blue, beautiful imagery and story truly celebrate the integrity of the simple ingredients used to create this premium natural cheese.”

*Datamonitor – Consumer and Innovation Trends in Cheese 2014