What we've been up to lately.

What we've been up to lately.

Spotlight on Nexxus

Unilever’s Nexxus Hydra Light floorstand, designed by Davis, captures an Outstanding Marketing at Retail Achievement Award (OMA) at POPAI’s 56th annual competition.

You may have seen the Nexxus Hydra Light floorstand in the cosmetics and beauty section of grocery stores and pharmacies. The structure and design communicate the product benefits: lightweight hair products infused with deep sea minerals. Minimal copy and images create a clean, light effect.

Linda McGregor, VP Account Director at Davis for Unilever says, "Davis designers used clean blue tones to gently remind consumers of the buoyancy associated with water and the lightness and freedom of clear, open skies. Nexxus branding appears on the main panel creating the effect of a 'barely-there' embossing, showing the consumer that Nexxus is always present but not intrusive." The floorstand graphic design highlights each product specifically while still communicating the overarching benefits of moisture & lightness.

The display structure leverages the products’ translucent packaging with a mirrored cardstock beneath the bottles to reflect light upwards and through the bottles. The header itself can be pushed down or pulled out to meet specific POP height requirements. RockTenn Merchandising Displays produced the Nexxus floorstand.

The competition had 460+ entrants from over 75 companies competing in 27 industry categories. Entries were judged on design, innovation, interactivity, and proven ability to lift sales. The Nexxus floorstand also picked up a Gold PAC Award in 2013.