What we've been up to lately.

What we've been up to lately.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese – Spreading Success


For over 140 years, Americans have loved Philadelphia cream cheese - on fresh, warm bagels right out of the oven, in mom’s famous cheesecake recipe passed down for generations, and in other delicious recipes where Philadelphia is synonymous with cream cheese. Even though times and tastes have changed over the years, the Philadelphia brand continues to evolve into the great – and growing – varieties available on shelf today. For example, Kraft has just launched Philadelphia’s bacon flavor cream cheese to satisfy Americans fixation for bacon.

Earlier this year, this category leader launched an incredibly fresh and simple brand revitalization, which is currently on shelf in major retailers across America.

Davis, Kraft’s branding & design agency, created a visual brand strategy that preserved the equities of the brand, while elevating Philadelphia's already premium experience at shelf.

Mark Roberts, VP Creative Director at Davis explains: “Overall, the brand revitalization is a story with many, subtle, yet dramatic touches that highlight value adds for the client, the customer and most importantly, the consumer. All of this while respecting Philadelphia’s rich heritage, high recognition and its dominant position as America’s #1 cream cheese.”

Starting from the outside of the package, the Philadelphia tub structure was enhanced for better shopability and shelf presence. The previous round tubs were prone to spinning, making it difficult to read labels and navigate store shelves. The new oblong tub addresses this issue, and the raised edges on the lids (which are a structural manifestation of the brand logo) secure stacked tubs that perfectly nest inside each other.

The artistic representation of the product on the packaging profiles the incredible texture as well as reaffirming the natural ingredients inside such as fresher local milk, real cream and chunks of real fruits and vegetables. The “smear” image is an homage to the quality of the product and supports the consumers ideals of what a great tasting cream cheese should look and behave like.

Since launching the revitalization in April 2014, Philadelphia continues to experience dramatic success in the market.