What we've been up to lately.

What we've been up to lately.

Davis Brands a Rock Band: The Corsets


At the essence of every brand is a message that resides in the hearts and minds of consumers. Each brand has a unique and meaningful voice. One that is memorable – like a song that resonates deep inside of your soul and plays on a continuous loop in your mind.


Branding is like music.

Both can transport you back to a different time and well up forgotten emotions inside of you. They can make you feel, hear, taste, see and sense a time from days gone by.

They make you remember.

Which is why, when Davis had the opportunity to develop a branding and design strategy for an emerging rock band, it struck the perfect chord.

The Corsets are a blues rock n’ roll band from Toronto, Canada, comprised of Luke Leclerc, Sammy Nyberg, Johnny Vella and Alec Blaber. Their new album “Are You Lonely, Are You Scared” launched this summer.

With interest rapidly growing around the band, they needed to refine their identity to bring the message of their music to life. The branding had to reflect The Corset’s fierce individuality and anti-establishment beliefs that set them apart from conventional social, political and economic principles of society. 

“We make real, honest, hard hitting music with a purpose,” says Alec Blaber, drummer of The Corsets. “We embrace those that enjoy the search for knowledge and truth – those that let themselves change and be changed. For us, the blues are the emotions felt by alienated and free minded individuals, and denied by so many who don’t allow themselves to question. We wish to make you feel our blues. We wish to make you dance like it’s the only thing left to do. We’ll corrupt your sons and your daughters, and maybe you too.”

This idea of corruption is what drove the design.

“The typography is reminiscent of a traditional Old English blackletter script, which is modernized and slightly distorted as if it has a digital glitch. It takes us on a journey across the ages where corruption has always been a constant,” adds Erick Nielsen, Design Director at Davis.

Corrupt image files with stripped out color and image loss reflect the band’s rebellion against society and the corruption they stand witness to – a “nice” and “perfect” world that’s completely imperfect and flawed. Everyday images are ruined and tarnished and that’s where the beauty comes out – the truth.

As time wears on and corruption continues to brew, The Corset’s branding can also evolve, morph and go against the grain by further altering their wordmark and design in new, interesting ways. They can remain unpredictable and fight society’s depravity through their music, message and brand.