Since 2004, Nature’s Touch has been on a mission to provide the world with frozen fruits at the peak of perfection, just as nature intended.

And they’ve succeeded. So much so, that they are both a valued partner and private label supplier to retailers across North America as well as a successful consumer brand found in Costco freezers across the world. As a result of expedited growth and expansion, their identity and strategy were no longer an accurate representation of the brand, and they needed to clarify their story for customers and colleagues.

In advance of their 20th anniversary, the Nature’s Touch team challenged Davis with a new mission: develop a clear brand and business strategy and cohesive brand identity that will attract, inform, and engage new customers, consumers and employees.

“The passion the Nature’s Touch team has for everything they do is palpable. From their leadership and commitment to quality, taste and convenience, all the way through to their safety protocols and ecological responsibility,” says Group Account Director, Sara Merrifield. “Even before any of our groundwork was ever completed, we were certain that elevating quality perceptions and raising expectations within frozen was just our starting point. To truly stand above competitors, it was vital that our work capture the trailblazing spirit of this team.”

With firmly planted goals established, our strategy team peeled back the layers to uncover a meaningful purpose to connect Nature’s Touch to and resonate with both B2C and B2B markets. A single strategy addressing the exact needs of consumers and the requirements of retail partners delivered the flexibility the brand required and provided our design team with a clear path forward.

“The visual identity, the brand story, the packaging – we approached every element with the intention of breaking through in an extremely noticeable way,” explains Creative Director, Chris Plewes. “We created the opportunity to influence pivotal change in how frozen is categorically perceived by consumers and retailers alike. Generally, it’s a highly commoditized category with low innovation. The very essence of Nature’s Touch is in stark contrast to this. So, our creative choices really give the brand the credit its earned in its 20-year history, by showcasing their exceptional products and outstanding dedication to innovation.”

Nature’s Touch recently took to their socials to announce their re-imagined mission and new look in tandem with their 20th anniversary. The new packaging is slated to hit shelves later this year.