According to The Hollywood Reporter, Season 5 of Yellowstone premiered in November 2023 to a record-breaking audience of 12.1 million viewers. For our clients at Corby Spirit and Wine, the premiere also represented a massive opportunity to build awareness and increase quality perception of their JP Wiser’s brand of premium whisky.

Well before the premiere episode was scheduled to hit the airways, Davis was wrangled to design the bottle label inspired by the compelling collab between JP Wiser’s premium whisky and the wildly successful Paramount Network drama.

The parallels between the values of the Yellowstone franchise and the values of the JP Wiser’s brand were not lost on Creative Director, Mark Roberts. “Based on the numbers alone, you can’t deny the popularity of this show. The same thing can be said about JP Wiser’s. Our preliminary work uncovered a philosophy common to both brands – that good things take time and are worth the wait. This pivotal idea became the basis for all our creative work. Communicating that this limited-edition product was made for fans of the show as much as it was for consumers who appreciate premium Canadian whisky was our first order of business. It was followed very closely with dispelling the reasons why JP Wiser’s was the only Canadian whisky who could deliver an authentic co-branded experience without sacrificing its own presence at-shelf.”

As the most-watched scripted program on television, Yellowstone’s visual equities add considerable recognition to the label elements. The embodiment of loyalty, the Yellowstone Y takes a bold place at the center of the creative. The single monogram treatment mirrors the Wiser’s W emblazoned on the neck label of core offerings and adheres to the brand’s recently re-designed packaging architecture. Conjuring the rough and tumble ruggedness of the fictional Dutton ranch, additional Yellowstone cues include the horse bar – frequently seen in episodes, along with a pack of wild horses set against a yellow, rocky Montana backdrop. The design seamlessly highlights the uniqueness of the offering without watering down JP Wiser’s presence.

Further connecting the brand to the runaway-hit program, the label features a unique message reading, Horses should hurry, but whisky must take its time. “If you close your eyes, you can almost hear Kevin Costner saying this exact thing in character as John Dutton,” adds Roberts. “From visuals to copy, this project exemplifies the value of brand collaboration. By highlighting the synchronicity that exists between two brands, then successfully executing it in a believable way to reach the core audience of each, we double down on awareness and meaningful growth.”