McCormick & Company’s EarthRight earns Best in Class at 2022 PAC Global Awards.

Congratulations to our client partners at McCormick & Company for earning a prestigious Best in Class recognition at this year’s PAC Global Awards. Announced virtually on February 8th, the awards celebrate achievements in global package brand design and innovation.

The EarthRight brand signals McCormick’s recent breakthrough into the health and wellness space – a first for the 130-year-old company. Leveraging their expertise in seasonings, herbs, and spices, EarthRight bestows the natural benefits of its supplements when used to enhance consumers’ daily self-care routines.

Available exclusively online, the brand required a thoughtful, evocative approach to its packaging. At the root of the design are natural brown glass jars flanked by transparent labels displaying the key ingredient of each formulation. The unboxing experience reinforces the brand’s connection to the earth and unveils the jar nested against a visual of rich soil and fresh herbs. “Unearth Wellness” and “Dig Deeper” calls-to-action drive consumers to the e-comm website to learn more about the full range of products. Further enhancing the experience is a thank you postcard containing wildflower seeds intended for direct planting by recipients.

Each touchpoint intentionally exudes natural cues as a reassuring reminder of McCormick’s expertise.

It was our absolute pleasure to bring this plant-powered, award-winning brand to life.

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